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Mini Bond

The investment in HAB is an incredibly transformational experience that provides many rewarding rewards. Our innovative approach combines not just impressive financial returns but also collectively provides the environment and generates positive social outcomes. With the launch of our new Mini-Bond, we’re set to take our dedication to sustainable design, excellence in architectural design and stunning beauty to greater levels.

Triple-Bottom Line Reward: If you decide to invest in HAB the investment isn’t just getting a lucrative interest rate. You’re being part of a business that yields rewards across three crucial dimensions. First, your investment is contributing to the development of more sustainable dwellings and the creation of exciting living communities. 

Additionally, it supports our shared commitment to reducing carbon footprints as well as promoting sustainable methods. In addition, your contribution directly enhances the social impact as it allows us to promote happiness, support excellent architecture, and improve the impact of the projects we build. At HAB we believe that prosperity is the sum of all of these aspects and your investment can be the catalyst for this complete change.

HAB Investors Community: Our achievement in crowdfunding is a testimony to the constant confidence and support of our cherished investors. HAB Housing has established itself as a leader in the field of crowdfunding with a strong investor community of more than 350 people. In our most recent investor call, we racked up extraordinary results, breaking records in the world by raising more than twice our initial goal. 

These amazing results demonstrate the confidence of our vision as well as the strength of our pipeline of projects.

The Brighter Future in the Future: As we look towards the next decade, our pipeline of projects offers a glimpse of hope and possibilities. With an array of exciting projects that are in the pipeline and a wide array of exciting projects in the pipeline, it’s easy to see why so many people have decided to join us and will continue to support our work. 

Committing HAB isn’t just an investment in the financial market, it’s an investment into the future of sustainability, architecture excellence and the pursuit of beauty come together to create extraordinary living spaces as well as vibrant communities. Take part in this amazing adventure as we reimagine the definition of development in housing.