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About Hab

  • Please note: This website “Hab Housing” stands for “Home and Beyond Housing“. We are not affiliated with “Hab Housing Limited”. This domain name was previously operated by “Hab Housing Limited”, which stands for “Happiness Architecture Beauty”. We – “Hab Housing (Home and Beyond)” – took over this domain and now operate this website as a property listing portal and host some historical information on “Hab Housing Limited”.

Our homes and communities are sustainable, beautiful, and a joy to live in; they pay homage to the local context and biodiversity; they have deep roots in the history, landscape, and community; and they utilise as few resources as possible.

As the company expanded, we sought to foster a more cooperative partnership with our patrons and financiers. We set a new benchmark for crowdfunding to finance this growth and attract new investors to the company.

As an industry pioneer, HAB has a “fabric first” perspective on environmental building that prioritises biodiversity, edible landscapes, and sustainable drainage. We take a comprehensive, well-rounded strategy.

We prioritise using eco-friendly materials and goods that are also cost-effective, long-lasting, widely available, and simple to repair and maintain. For all HAB projects, we consider water management features like porous paving, swales, and rain gardens to be essential, and not just for functional or environmental reasons. Fruit trees line our streets, too.


It is simple to construct a house to the buyer’s specifications. A custom-built house can be built for less money than a stock home of the same size and features. You should settle on a location before settling on the perfect piece of land. Where do you want to live: on top of the hill for the best view, by the river for prime fishing, or with the most extensive garden for producing vegetables? This choice depends on many factors, including your family size, financial situation, and interests.


Your HAB home can be modified to accommodate your lifestyle, family, and interests. We’ll have you work with our ‘kit of components’ selection to customise the house design and materials to your liking. Upstairs living spaces can take advantage of views and natural light while still offering the flexibility of an open floor design. Our ‘Smart spaces’ are adaptable and may be configured in a variety of ways to meet the needs of individuals with varying preferences in terms of how much space they need. The list is long and varied, and it includes things like a garden room, an artist’s studio, a home office, and a porch for strollers and bikes.

We offer a variety of flooring, wall, and fixture options to suit your needs and budget.


After the plans are finalised, HAB will construct your ideal home and have it all wrapped up and ready for you to move in. On other schemes, however, you’ll be able to take possession of your home at an earlier stage, such as after we’ve installed the basement walls and utilities, the roof and windows.