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Acre Cumnor hill

Five single-family dwellings

The location is secluded and peaceful. Luxury dwellings that incorporate beautiful gardens and landscaping. Oxford’s downtown is about a ten-minute drive away. Completely individualised dwellings are available. HAB’s first custom-built plan out of the blocks, in Oxford’s Cumnor Hill, is a wonderful example of our goal to create projects that combine the best of urban living with the peace and quiet of the country. The Acre is conveniently located just two miles from the city’s heart and near the gateway to the Cotswolds.

Inside the House

We choose classy, hip, and up-to-date dwellings. Ultimately, however, cosiness is what we’re after most of all.

We believe homes should provide a comfortable sensation of arrival, from the time one crosses the threshold until the moment one sits down in front of the fireplace. We also want the area to be filled with natural light and to provide expansive views of the land, garden, trees, and sky.


The gardens are planned so visitors can experience amazement and joy at various points.

We have skillfully blended log sheds for your wood-burning stove into the surrounding vegetation and water features, such as rills and ponds, which run between the homes. Although the primary use of a garage is to house a vehicle, many of us find other uses for the space, such as a wine cellar, workshop, or even a hobby, to be more fitting.


Cumnor Hill is conveniently located between the exciting heart of Oxford and the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds.

The city’s museums and active cultural scene offer something for everyone, whether your interests lie in da Vinci’s masterpieces, Cromwell’s death mask, or rock festivals. Or, you may visit the adjacent Henley Regatta.