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  • Archive Page for Historical reference
  • 78 houses ranging from 1 to 5 bedrooms.
  • Details: Pocket orchard, natural animal passage, and landscaped common area
  • Achieved in the year 2014

Stunning location within easy walking distance of downtown Stroud, with panoramic views in every direction. The renovated Victorian hospital buildings now house residents beside modern homes. Applewood’s dedication to wildlife preservation was recognised with a prize from the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. Co-created with the GreenSquare Company.

At HAB, we utilise clever architecture to create homes that meet the needs of modern living while also providing their occupants with a sense of openness, spectacular scenery, and abundant natural light.

One strategy that has served us well at Applewood and elsewhere, and which we plan to preserve as a HAB hallmark, is to raise the ground floor just a bit, allowing the ground floor to have an unexpectedly high ceiling while also benefiting from extra-tall French windows that let in an abundance of natural light and provide breathtaking vistas of the sky. The bathrooms bring welcome, unforeseen light into the home’s central living areas, providing yet another delightful architectural detail.

Another defining feature of HAB is the practise of taking a small portion of each individual’s garden and returning it to the community in the form of big common gardens and other amenities such as pocket orchards and areas to grow food.

Applewood’s garden gates go out onto a communal plaza with attractive landscaping. For the benefit of badgers, birds, and bats, we have constructed a wildlife corridor that winds its way across the property.

Applewood is located at the foot of the Cotswolds, between the cultural hub of Stroud and the rural confluence of the five Golden Valleys.

Just hop on your bike and pedal to one of Stroud’s many bars, eateries, or scenic vistas.