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A Look at Elderberry Walk Southmead


The homes on Elderberry Stroll in Southmead look, well they’re kind of typical. This was the intention. We didn’t want to construct something that was stuffed with eco-friendly bells and whistles or looked like it adhered to the most recent trend in architecture. We wanted to build high-end homes that fit the locale which was perfect for Swindon.

We’ve recreated the famous British housing type of house, the terrace. We’ve modernized it and made it modern. The open ground floor is spacious, flexible and airy. We’ve also increased the ceiling’s height to ensure that every living space enjoys a view of the sky. There are hints of the surrounding area.

The proportions mirror the neighbouring Victorian railway houses; and the hues – each Elderberry house has a unique pastel shade – mirror the facades of homes in the streets around. While we’ve tried to ensure that every dollar counts we’ve constructed to the amount that a housebuilder would have to spend.


We wanted the structures themselves to take on the heavy lifting. So instead of adding elaborate eco-friendly gadgets we’ve gone back to basics and analyzed the most sustainable and eco-friendly building materials available. Our homes are constructed from hemp it’s a fairly modern material that is made of the woody portion of hemp for the walls. It’s not possible to wrap it up in the shape of a Rizla before asking…


Hempcrete is an amazing material. It is grown locally and helps keep your home super warm in winter, as it stores the heat. To ensure it does not get too hot during summer, those wacky chimneys on the top of every house aren’t chimneys at all they’re cowls, which are air vents. They are open and heat is then pushed into the centre of the home via the stairs (called stack ventilation ), benefiting from the natural rise of heat) and then out the top.

Cork flooring has been used in our home it, is a stunning, long-lasting natural material that absorbs noise, creates thermal insulation and is warm and comfortable to walk on. It is also resistant to fungus and bacteria and doesn’t swell up with dust, it’s perfect for people suffering from asthma or allergies.

You can also use it in your home without cutting down trees as cork can be gathered out of the same plant for a time that is around 200 years. We’ve utilized the lowest VOC paints to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals or natural fibre wool carpets for bedrooms.


We’ve tried triple glazing and also invested in heating systems known as air-source heat pumps. These are a replacement for your gas boiler, which extracts heat from outside air, and then pumps it into underfloor heating downstairs or radiators upstairs. It is the same concept as a refrigerator, with the exception that a refrigerator extracts warm air from the inside instead of the outside.

In addition, since we’re confident that our Elderberry Walk Southmead house is airtight which means we’ve sealed all the nooks and crevices, we’ve installed a mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) device to make sure that fresh air is continuously pumped into the home. It’s located in the loft and as it circulates fresh air, it also stores and reuses heat that is escaping from the building, ensuring that nothing is wasted.


Rainwater is collected off the rooftops of each Elderberry Walk house – and also used to flush the toilets. The majority of it is put into water butts within every garden or central tanks underneath the green in the village to water communal gardens and other plants.


What is a Shimmy? It’s a new invention from us! A simple touchscreen which is the size of a laptop screen fits inside every home. It’s like a virtual noticeboard. It allows you to leave messages for everyone in the community for instance, when you’d like to borrow a garden tool or need someone to look after your baby or inform your neighbours about the market on Saturdays that the locals have already begun.

You can also get live bus times to avoid waiting in cold weather or being unable to book an automobile through the on-site car rental service. It’s also possible to check the amount of energy you’re using. You can see how the figures rise when you turn your kettle in!


The Triangle is named after the triangular central green that all houses overlook. It’s a village green If you’re looking for a green that’s an oasis of green where children can play, and parents can observe their surroundings from their windows to check all is well.

We could have packed more houses onto the site. We didn’t want to. Instead, through Studio Engleback, our landscaping architect Studio Engleback, we’ve created an area for people to gather and socialize – or take a moment to admire the landscape.


The Triangle is full of fruit throughout the year. We’ve planted pears, apples and plums as well as old-fashioned quince (quinces came to England in 1275, try roasting them, and adding cream and a splash of it, delicious!) from figs to morello cherries, walnuts hazelnuts and kiwis, as well as passion fruit, and our favourite the mulberries. They’re in the back and front gardens, as well as in our areas that are shared. The best part is that they are in season no matter the season and therefore, abundant harvests are a given.

There is also the kitchen garden (with polytunnels that keep out the rain and wind and harness the warmth that the sun provides) to allow residents to grow whatever they like. A couple of months later the locals put their market stall on Saturdays.


What is this all about? In simple terms, we’ve planted a variety of plants to attract a wide variety of wildlife. We’ve planted hedges that are more likely to be seen on farms in the countryside rather than in the deepest Swindon and include hawthorns, blackthorns, as well as wild roses. They attract birds, birds eat caterpillars and the caterpillars feed on the aphids. What are we left with is a healthy ecosystem, not simply paving or the lawn is a square piece.


There is no need to use regular water sources to provide these gorgeous plants with a good soak. Every Elderberry Walk house is equipped with a rainwater harvesting device – when it rains, the water from each roof is stored in tanks beneath the central green. It is then used to provide water to the plants. It is ideal for summer heat and hosepipe bans if they come. Be warned, they’ll…


Alongside the sunny, dry conditions, we also have extremely wet ones, too. As global warming continues flooding is now an everyday occurrence and has been a concern at this site. We’ve taken some clever actions to ensure that flooding is not an issue at this point in the Triangle.

Parking for cars is made of porous pavements and, instead of water draining away and going nowhere the water soaks into the earth. If we have an avalanche, the huge but green swales (full of willow trees that are fond of wet soil) absorb the brunt of the rain and then overflow with water. It will recede over a few months as the soil absorbs it.

It’s today in the 21st century. We’re sure that most people have at least one vehicle we hope to inspire people to maintain the same level.

Do you require an additional vehicle? Can you do it without? Do you require a car in the first place? The pedestrian is the most important thing in the Triangle.

We believe that’s the right thing to do for a residential area. The central location of our development means that it’s only a short stroll to the town and a faster cycle. If you need an automobile, we’ve teamed up with Goco to offer Swindon’s very first car club. Sign up and pay when you hire and start with just thirty minutes.