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Graven Hill Housing Development by Hab


Homes: A range of terraced and semi-detached houses and apartments

Lowdown: Graven Hill, being developed by Cherwell District Council, is the UK’s leading custom-build project. It offers the opportunity of working with like-minded future residents to shape both the design and layout of your homes and the overall area; including shared spaces and amenities which will give you the chance to maximise the sense of community. Graven Hill is a short stroll from Bicester town centre and the shoppers’ paradise of Bicester Outlet Village.

Year of Completion: 2016 / 17 and onwards (subject to planning)
Price: TBA

HAB has the opportunity to help deliver a range of homes at Graven Hill and we want to hear from individuals, groups of aspiring custom builders, co-housing groups and other intentional communities.

We plan to develop areas geared towards younger and first-time buyers, the downsizing ready-to-retire market and indeed those seeking a real deep green housebuilding opportunity.

These different development areas will have distinct characters but will be linked and share social spaces – and all will benefit from the joint-working approach, which can deliver real cost savings through the economies of scale of building together. As well as letting us know of your interest, please ensure that you also Register with Cherwell.

The Graven Hill Scheme

Graven Hill, an innovative new-town development, is set to redefine modern living with its 1900 custom-built homes. This visionary project not only promises a place to call home but also envisions a thriving community with a plethora of social and recreational spaces, schools, pubs, and shopping facilities. Collaborating with HAB, you’ll have the chance to shape the landscape and communal areas in your Graven Hill neighbourhood, advocating for amenities and features that align with your ideal lifestyle.

Reservations for these exceptional homes are slated to commence in 2015, with construction kicking off in the spring and the first wave of residents settling in by late 2016. This undertaking represents the pinnacle of custom-built housing ventures in the country, making it an exhilarating prospect for anyone seeking a unique living experience.

As a future resident, you’ll enjoy the unparalleled freedom to customize the design and specifications of your home, tailoring it to your unique needs, interests, and budget. For those who relish a hands-on approach or wish to oversee their modifications, you have the option to acquire a house or apartment in its shell form, allowing you to personalize it at your own pace and within your financial means.

Every dwelling in Graven Hill will exude exceptional design, characterized by HAB’s signature features, including lofty ground-floor ceilings and an abundance of natural light streaming in through expansive windows. Moreover, environmental consciousness will be at the forefront, ensuring that all homes are constructed to exceptionally high standards of efficiency, resulting in substantial energy savings and reduced operational costs. This represents a remarkable opportunity to partake in your home-building journey while mitigating risks and minimizing time commitments.

The Area

In the beautiful Oxfordshire rural landscape, Graven Hill enjoys a peaceful setting that is only a few minutes from the lively town of Bicester. The tranquil location provides a wonderful contrast between the regular delightful Sheep Street market with cobblestone roads that are bursting with local food as well as the luxurious shopping craze of Bicester Village. In Bicester Village, you can indulge in a myriad of luxury boutiques, and indulge in the finest food choices.

If you’re in the market for the opulence of country living, the home of Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace is only a 20-minute drive away. It is an elegant and historical retreat. Furthermore, the beautiful towering spires of Oxford which are renowned for their academic awe and awe-inspiring architecture, are accessible via an easy train journey that promises a rich educational and spiritual experience worth a visit.